Natural phenomena occur all over the world, but very few can compete with the sheer size of the annual Wildebeest Migration through the fable Serengeti. Wildebeest are the Serengeti driving force-1.5 million of them, probably more. They, together with over 300,000 zebra and attendant predators and scavengers are vast ecological powerhouse, roaming beautiful landscape, setting the boundaries, changing the scenery, altering the vegetation, and laying down the limits and lifestyle of just about everything else that lives here. But don’t let the scale of this natural machine overwhelm you. There is a variety of mammals and birds here that only Africa can boast.

Many people think of Serengeti as only one destination to be seen in two days before rushing somewhere else. How wrong! There are treeless plains where wildebeest come to give birth, Rivers where they have to negotiate and avoid to be eaten by the 18-20 feet crocodiles of Grumeti River, the first flowing waters of the Mara River invested with crocodiles, and the woodlands where they have to hide when the annual rains are not sufficient.

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