As the world becomes more modernized the opportunity to go “back in time” Visiting the remote tribes is becoming rarer the day, some of the safari we treasure the most at enticing journeys are the ones we take our guest to visiting the remote, primitive, tribes that have little interaction with the western world.

You can focus your entire trip on culture, or you can include cultural visits and interactions ranging from a few hours to several days to a wildlife safari. Tall, slim and slender, the Maasai are nomadic cattle, sheep and goat harder’s, and for them cattle are the most important social, economic, and political factor. Cattle are a sign of wealth and social standing, as well as a food source from a mixture of milk and blood tapped from a cow’s jugular vein. The Maasai traditional homeland is the northern Tanzania in an area that has the most visited game parks and reserves, and are their fore the most visited by tourist. Considering these exposures to the western tourist, they still maintain remarkable facets of their original cultural identity, but with us at Enticing journeys will bring you out of these crowd and right away into the real Maasai world.

Bushmen’s are short in stature and of a yellowish color, often living a hunters-gathering life-style. Their language contains a variety of distinct clicks. These are the very earliest of cultures of Africa, responsible for the ancient rock painting. Although simplicity in explanation, Bushmen are genetically more similar scientific to the biblical first man than any other group elsewhere on the planet. Men’s of these group hunt and tap honey while women gather fruits and roots.

At Tanzania Safari Tours you get a chance to enhance your safari experience by combining cultural tours of your choice to the itinerary. You will get to know more about the Tanzanian tribes and about their culture and lifestyle.

Maasai Village Visit.
Hunting with Hadzabe.
Datoga Tribe Visit.

The different cultural tours at Enticing journeys are

  • Cultural tour to Maasai village where you can spend a night with the villagers.
  • Cultural visit to Lake Eyasi to meet Hadzabe tribe and get to hunt with them.
  • Cultural visit to Lake Eyasi to see the skills of the Datoga tribe, who are experts iron smelting.

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