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Experience the allure of Tanzania, where adventure tales intertwine with a vibrant culture. Explore rugged landscapes by vehicle, venture into the wilderness on foot, and find tranquility in serene camps and lodges. Immerse yourself in unforgettable wildlife encounters. Let Enticing Journeys lead you on an expedition where planned and spontaneous moments create bonds that last a lifetime.

Experience the Tanzania safari of your dreams—a journey you truly deserve. Let us be your guide in crafting this unforgettable adventure.



Tanzania holds the crown as Africa's most magnificent country, boasting unparalleled natural wonders and a rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Yet, amidst the abundance of attractions, even seasoned travelers may find themselves challenged to uncover all of its treasures. This challenge has become a struggle for many safari enthusiasts when planning their Tanzanian adventures. But fear not, Enticing Journeys will guide you through this captivating land. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your fellow travelers make the most of every precious moment in Tanzania. Allow us to be your trusted companion, crafting an unforgettable journey that exceeds your every expectation. Read on to discover why Enticing Journeys is the perfect choice for your Tanzanian expedition.
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Group Sharing.

Group Sharing.

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Bush to beach.

Bush to beach.

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Wildebeest Migration.

Wildebeest Migration.

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Big 5 & Big Cats.

Big 5 & Big Cats.

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Mountain Trekking

Tanzania is famed for its reputation as a prime trekking spot, notably housing Africa's highest peak. Soaring to a staggering 5,895 meters, it captivates adventurers with its majestic allure.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjararo Trekking

Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Rising in breathtaking isolation to tower an imperious 5 kilometers (3 miles) above the surrounding savannah. One of the most accessible and revered high summits, Kilimanjaro is a global beacon of the hikers. Most climbers reach the crater rim with little more than a walking stick, proper clothing, and determination.
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Mount Meru.

Mount Meru Trekking

Mount Meru is a dormant volcano about one and half million years old. One side exploded out about 8000 years ago as Meru’s caldera lake was transformed into super-heated steam by the inner eruption. One of the largest landslides of mud and rock ever measured worldwide took place, forming hillocks, valleys, and small lakes. The geologist estimate that before Mount Meru blew its top it was a tall, symmetrical volcanic spire almost as high as Mount Kilimanjaro.
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Top Tanzania Destinations

Tanzania's Highlighted Gems: Our Preferred Destinations .

Serengeti National Park

"Home to the last remaining Mamal Migration "

Ruaha National Park

"Explore the Wondering Nature"

Nyerere (Selous) National Park.

"The Land of Mighty Rufiji"

Tarangire National Park

"The Paradise of Elephants"

Mahale National park

"The Magical Chimp Trekking Paradise"

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

"Discover the Cradle of a Humankind"



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