Chimps trekking, like gorilla trekking, can be exciting beyond words. Chimps trekking is the best in Mahale Mountain, Gombe and Rubondo Island national park. Watching the interaction of members of the troop of chimpanzees around you at close quarters is very entertaining.

Chimps watching, to get to the habituated group of chimps in Mahale Mountains one need to climb up through the Mountain forest on a network of simple cleared paths to get into touch with the chimps, and when one does the experience is extraordinary to the point of being bizarre

The chimpanzees go on with their lives –walking, sleeping, fighting, politicking and eating, as if you are not there. They take virtually no notice of visitors. This is perfect, because you never feel like you are intruding. After spending the strictly controlled one hour with chimps, you leave the chimps and head to your accommodation. Enticing journeys are happy to take you to the home of our closest leaving relatives and experience these unique experience.

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10 Day | Tanzania Wildlife & Chimp Explorer.

This safari combines the best of the northern circuit wildlife encounter in Tarangire, the Ngorongoro, the legendary Serengeti, and the wild Mahale National Park in Tanzania.
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