Game Drives.

Driving safaris are the main ways of experiencing wildlife in Africa in general, in which guest are driven by their guide from reserve to reserve. You generally have the same guide throughout the safari, who have good knowledge of all the parks and reserve to be visited.

Driving safari are usually less expensive than flying safaris. However, travelers should take in account the amount of time they spend driving from park to park, on the northern Tanzania the parks are close to one another and driving is the best way to experience these region, local people, schools and markets, the quality of the road and whether or not there will be something en route that will be of interest to them.

Game drives are always done on well-maintained networks of roads inside the park, these roads enhance to get close to the animals for viewing and photographing. Enticing journeys have well-maintained safari vehicles with pop-roof for comfortable game viewing, searching wildlife and exploring the true African wilderness. These will give you great chances to check of the big five? Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo. Most of the Eastern Africa and Southern Africa offer game viewing.

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