Night Game Drives.

Many African animals, including most of the big cats, are active after sun set, and night game drive open up a whole new world of adventure. Much of the actual movement of lion, leopard and hyena happens after night- fall, therefore, night drives probably provide you the best way to observe these powerful predators moving, feeding or even hunting. The vehicle is driven by the guide while at the front you have a tracker who handles a powerful spotlight. By driving slowly and shining the beam into the surrounding bushes, the eyes of the animals are reflected back, and is then possible to stop and take a close look using your binoculars.

The tracker will put an infra- red on the sport-light to reduce the impact of the light to the animals, and most of the animals behave in a completely natural manner and marvelous scenes can unfold, on most of the night drive we don’t concentrate on animals we see during the day like giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, buffaloes and many others.

Leopard, lion, hyena, bush babies, porcupines, aardvark, genets, civets and honey badgers would be among the highlights of our night game drive, with nocturnal birds like owl, night jars, the sound of the bush and the beautiful sky and stars adding to the experience. Night drives can be experience in Tarangire, Manyara, Ruah, Nyerere, and Mikumi national parks, Enticing journeys will be your pioneer in organizing these experience.       


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