"Wildebeest Breeding Arena"

The Ndutu region forms part of the northern section of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and stretches to the unfenced southern reaches of the Serengeti National Park, a meeting point between these two incredible wilderness areas. This section of the park is made up of rolling plains, gorgeous alkaline lakes that attract flocks of flamingos, as well as acacia woodlands.

The best months to visit the Ndutu Region are from December-April when the wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle herds arrive from the north. In the early months of February is the peak calving season for wildebeest, where about 4000 thousand young are born in a day in a period of two weeks –  attracting the attention of cheetah, lion, hyena, and jackals. The best time for a photographic safari and to see predator-prey interaction.

There’s year-round resident wildlife (such as giraffe, elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena, and various antelope species) in the Ndutu region, and some of the animals concentrate around the water holes from the months of June-November.

Although the best time to visit the Ndutu area is between the months of December-April when the migration is around, however, the dry months of June-November are the best if you want to get away from the crowded central Serengeti for a day or two. The sighting of the residence animals is incredible especially lions, cheetah, elephants, bat-eared foxes, hyena, jackals, giraffe, and if lucky wild dogs.

Highlights of the Ndutu area.

  • Witness the great migration in the months of December-to April
  • Scan the plains, marsh, woodlands for the big cats
  • See flamingoes in lakes Ndutu, and Maseks
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the great species of birds, Marsh owl, sand grouse, birds of prey, and vultures.

Tour Idea to Get you Dreaming.

Our Favorite Tours Showcasing the Best of Ndutu Region

6Day | Highlight of Tanzania Great Migration.

Look for the legendary tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara, then the sweeping plains of the Serengeti provide a backdrop for the tour’s grand finale.
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7 Day | Wildebeest Migration Ndutu Serengeti, & Crater Tour. (December-March)

Tanzania tantalizes every traveler’s taste for adventure with irresistible destinations not to be left off an African itinerary, and we have made sure they are not left out.
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