What to Expect on a Private Safari.

It’s up to you!  Private tours are designed to be run privately without mixing with other groups, you might come across some groups doing the same activity, but not mix with them unless labelled so. In Tanzania a private tour means a private guide, vehicle, private activities, except at the lodges, camps where you will meet other guest at the camp fire, dining area and bar.

Yes. On a private tour, you are typically escorted by a friendly and knowledgeable guide. On some private tours, your guide may not be with you all of the time so be sure to check out before booking. You should also expect to have a local guide during specific activities like walking safari, night safari, village walk and cultural visit.

It depends on the type of tour that you book. We have plenty of private tours and plenty of tours that can be requested to be private, so be sure to double-check which category your tour falls under. Don’t worry, if you’re unsure our Travel Experts will let you know. It’s important to note that prices also vary greatly depending on the destination you choose, and whether or not you choose to upgrade your accommodation.

On a group tour, you travel with like-minded people who you’ve never met. Group sizes can range widely, however in Tanzania group size can be a maximum of six peoples.

 On private tours, you travel on your own, or with your travel companions, and have more freedom and flexibility on where you stay and what you do.

It depends on your tour operator. Typically you should be able to add extra nights, upgrade your accommodation and change your start date. You can also choose to add or replace any activities to suit your requirements.

We’ve gathered together some of the best destinations in Tanzania for a private tour around the Country. From hiking to Safari, each destination offers unique experiences that can only be cherished exclusively on a private tour.

There’s no better feeling than traveling to a place that you’ve never been to before. The sights, the sounds, the culture, the cuisine, there’s so much to explore. With our pre-designed private tours, we take the guessing game out of where to stay and what to do, so that you can fully embrace the experience.

With ready-to-book itineraries our private tours can be secured last-minute, giving you complete freedom to upgrade your accommodation or add extra nights to savor those special moments. 

  • Leave the planning to the experts and travel solo, with your family, or with your very own private group. Choose your own travel companions and we’ll arrange experiences that are tailored to everyone.
  • Having flexible start dates, our private tours allow you to choose your preferred departure date. Assisted by a qualified and knowledgeable guide, you’ll gain exclusive insights into the daily lives of the locals.