Safari to Tanzania’s Southern Circuit focuses on two main destinations; Ruaha and Nyerere National Parks (Formally Selous Game Reserve). Here are 6 reasons to visit the Southern Tanzania Circuit National Parks.

It is home to the big cats.

Planning a Safari to Tanzania or Africa then the big cats quickly comes to mind, these extraordinary, magnificent, and fearsome animals are unique and splendid on their own. Witnessing any of the big cat’s lion, leopard and cheetah will truly remain embedded for years to come, visiting Tanzania’s southern national parks offers you an incredible chance to see them either on game drives or on your walking safari led by well-trained guides and park rangers Ruaha national park has the largest number of lions than any other national park, and game reserve in the whole of Africa. Other reason to top Southern Tanzania on your bucket list is

There are more antelope species than the northern circuit parks.

One of the highlights of southern Tanzania’s national parks is the fascinating number of antelope’s species which can be seen in your daily activities, unlike the more conservative northern parks here you might see sable, roan, great and lesser kudu, and puku which are very rare on the northern parks or seldom seen at all, to stress more on the above, Ruah national park has the largest population of greater kudu than an any-other reserve in the whole of Africa.

Home to the endangered cape hunting dogs.

One thing which Southern Tanzania’s does better is the great sighting of cape hunting wild dogs, although these can be seen in Tarangire, Serengeti, and some parts of the Ngorongoro conservation area around Ndutu, the sighting is not good considering the amount of distance they cover in a day while hunting. Nyerere/Selous and Ruah national park offer the best opportunity to see these maundering dogs in their natural habits, and in good with relatively very few cars around.

Variety of activities on offer.

While on the famous northern parks, game viewing by vehicle is the common way of seeing wildlife. Here, in the southern parks, you can opt for game viewing by vehicle, walking, and boating. Seeing wildlife from the water is a beautiful, and different way of game-viewing. Crocodiles and hippos abound and elephants, waterbuck, and buffalo spend a lot of time near the water, but the mass of other game including birds can be seen. However, walking safari can also be conducted on the parks on the northern parks, but I will admit that walks in Ruah or Nyerere national park are more epic, and rewarding.

Its off-the-bitten- track.

Going on safari in the southern parks gives you the feeling of exploring the bush for the first time because you will encounter relatively few other visitors during your safari or activities, these also give an added opportunity when it comes to photographing and filming since you can position your vehicle in the right angle you’re looking with hassle-free. These also bring tourism sustainability by distributing income to every part of the country, rather than crowding on the famous northern national parks.

Small camps and lodges are the last secrets of southern Tanzania.

The camps here attract those looking for a remote, authentic safari experience, which goes with extraordinary game viewing, and an outstanding variety of activities. The camps are tacked in areas with great views of the lakes and rivers offering stunning game viewing from your deck, and the campfire is the pick of the spots in the evening. Sit and swap stories with other travelers about an enthralling day on safari. Some camps offer delight in a sumptuous candlelight dinner on the lakeshore or river to the symphony of the surrounding.

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    List of recommended Safari Itinerary.

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    This trip will giveyou a chance to stay on some of best Lodges exploring high game spotting areas and a chance to locate the migration in Serengeti National Park, one of the spectacular big concentration of wild animals on earth and trek chimps in Gombe stream national park

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    Perfect as an adventure for wildlife enthusiasts, serious safari-goers or newcomers alike, this journey promises the best that Southern Tanzania has to offer with an amazing selection of iconic reserves for you to experience.