Best places to stay on your chimps trekking in Tanzania.

Best places to stay on your chimps trekking in Tanzania.

There are only three places in Tanzania where it’s possible to track chimps in their natural habitat. Of those are, Mahale, Rubondo, and Gombe are the three more affordable options for encountering chimps in their natural habitats.

Ethical and safe encounters coupled with unmatched forest views and some of the best-tented camps you’ll find in these remote areas of Tanzania mean that these destinations guarantee a magical safari getaway that you’ll never forget, with Seven wonders safari we would like to focus on Mahale and Rubondo since this two destination offer off the bitten-track experience we would love to share with our guest.

For breathtaking views, unforgettable experiences, and luxurious stays, these are our top 2 places to stay on a Mahale and Rubondo safari trip:

Mahale National Park

  • Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge.

Set deep in the heart of the African interior on a stretch of secluded golden beach, Mbali Mbali Mahale is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury in a romantic setting. Mahale is a pristine, natural experience open to those willing to walk its trails. The birds, primates, monkeys, small predators and butterflies, all offer signs of life and there is little that beats an amble through the forest. The camp has 10 beach tents, with all ages welcome, however, the minimum age requirement for chimps trekking is 12 years old.

Why we choose Mbali Mbali Mahale lodge

  1. Track chimps in their natural habitats in Mahale
  2. Relax on the idyllic beach of Lake Tanganyika After your chimps trekking
  3. Get off your boat and swim in the deeper waters of Lake Tanganyika
  4. Meander on shores of Lake Tanganyika while sailing on a wooden boat
  5. Pass your time with catching and releasing looking for large tilapia

Rubondo Island National Park

  • Rubondo Island Camp

Rubondo Island Camp overlooks the vast waters of Lake Victoria. As the only camp in the wild and virtually uninhabited Rubondo Island National Park, it is a truly special place to experience. 

The park is a haven for chimpanzees- introduced as part of a groundbreaking rehabilitation project in the 1960s — as well as elephants, giraffes, hippos, and shy sitatunga antelopes, the pristine Rubondo Island is 75 percent forest, which guests can explore on drives and walks while learning about the animals and plants that make up this extraordinary protected ecosystem. Wake up to the serene lake views from your beachfront cottage.

Why we choose Rubondo Island Camp

  1. Off the bitten track, and away from the herds
  2. Experience a variety of activities from walking, game drives, boat safari, and catch and release
  3. Meander in the waters of Lake Victoria looking for elephants on a boat safari
  4. Visit the crocodile island, and admire crocs busking on daylight heat, and birds
  5. Fall asleep to the sound of the Lake and bush in your luxury camp

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