There are only two countries in Africa where it’s possible to track and follow the great wildebeest migration, from the calving season, rutting and river crossing in a cycle of life, and these are Tanzania and Kenya. Wildebeest are the Serengeti and Maasai Mara driving force –some 1.3 million of them, probably more.

They, together with some 300,000 zebra, and attendant predators and scavengers are a vast ecological powerhouse, roaming the beautiful landscape, setting the boundaries, changing the scenery, altering the vegetation, and laying down the limits and lifestyle of just everything else that lives here.

For breathtaking views, unforgettable experiences, and splendor stay, these are our top 15 places to stay on a Tanzania and Kenya Migration safari trip:


Southern short grass plains {December-March}


  • Ndutu safari lodge.

Ndutu Safari Lodge is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the edge of the Southern Serengeti plains filled with acacia trees and wide views across Lake Ndutu. Our Lodge comprises thirty-four comfortable stone and thatch en-suite cottages beside relaxed convivial dining, sitting, and bar area all overlooking the ever-changing view of Lake Ndutu.

 As the Wildebeest follow the rains and return to these magnesium-rich grasses, they give birth to their young creating an enormous hive of activity that is remarkable to watch. The plains are lush and alive with young. This also brings the resident predators who have been waiting for this bountiful time of year.

 This ancient lodge has fantastic sightings from the lodge itself but from short game drives out on the plains. Set within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is also easy to also access the Serengeti.

Why we choose Ndutu safari lodge.
  1. Enjoy a sunset in Ndutu with a glass of gin and tonic 
  2. Incredible game drives in search of Africa big cats 
  3. Experience the excitement of seeing the wildebeest calving season
  4. Experience off-road driving in the Ngorongoro conservation area
  5. Experience the thrill of photographing the big cats, and other animals
  6. Keep your eyes peeled for the prolific birdlife of Ndutu


  • Kusini safari camp Serengeti

The only permanent camp in the Serengeti’s remote south, Sanctuary Kusini has the privilege of overlooking predator-populated plains where game viewing is in high-definition throughout the calendar.

The main lodge is set around a cluster of spectacular kopjes — rocky outcrops — so at Sanctuary Kusini you don’t just have front-row seats for when the Great Migration passes through at full throttle, but you can ogle game congregating on these grassy plains year-round.

Why Choose Kusini safari camp Serengeti

  1. Witness the spectacular great migration through the southern Serengeti
  2. Great sighting of big cats throughout the year
  3. Off the bittern-track for those who want to avoid crowds
  4. Incredible sundown on top of kopjes with three hundred and sixty degrees view 
  5. Ticking off the big five bucket list on an exciting safari
  6. Fall asleep to the sound of the bush in your luxury camp
  • Ndutu Heritage Ngorongoro.

The Traditional tented camp is by far the best choice to explore wildlife on a safari in Africa. There is nothing to compare with being in a luxurious camp in a beautiful setting with the sights and sounds of nature close by. You might want to come to Africa to see the wildlife and the beautiful African landscapes while being close to the rhythm of nature, the luxurious tented camp provides the perfect way to do so!

Serengeti Heritage Luxury Tented Camp provides its guests with the most authentic Africa experience due to its colonial, old-day hunter’s camp ambiance. Sitting snugly in a clearing surrounded by Acacia trees its 13 spacious walk-in tents creates an intimate atmosphere for only 40 guests while indulging them with the amenities of a big lodge, as all tents are equipped with running water, flush toilets, hot and cold water shower.

The friendly staff will go to their extremes to ensure that you have a wonderful, satisfying, and memorable stay. Everything is done at your leisure. You decide how you want to spend your day at the camp and when to go for game drives in the Serengeti. Throughout your stay, you will be serenaded by the resident wildlife.

To protect its amazing environment the camp runs entirely on solar energy in terms of electricity and hot water supply. A backup generator is only used to ensure electricity supply throughout rainy days.

Why we choose Heritage Ngorongoro Camp

  1. Search for the big cats on morning and afternoon game drives
  2. Excellent service and friendly staff
  3. Witness the spectacular calving season through the plains of Ndutu
  4. Search for the endangered wild dogs
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for the prolific birdlife of Ndutu
  6. Game drive in the company of some of the best guides in Tanzania

Central Serengeti National Park {April-May}

  • Serengeti wilderness Camp.

Located in the heart of the Serengeti, in a pristine area that offers unparalleled game viewing, Serengeti Wilderness Camp is located in the heart of the famous central Seronera region.

Comprising just twelve spacious tents, our focus is on your comfort and enjoyment. There is nothing better than being lulled to sleep at night by the sounds of the bush, safely inside your well-appointed ‘safari bedroom’.

The tents are en suite with flushing toilets and a bush shower. A private verandah offers a shady place to relax.

A large central dining tent complements our comfortable lounge tent which has a small reference library, maps, and some games for children, and a charging station for cameras. Our safari chef will prepare sumptuous meals for your enjoyment and evenings offer a campfire around which our guests enjoy sundowners and snacks, and share the day’s experiences.

If you prefer an intimate safari experience, without compromising on comfort, our Wilderness Camps offer just that. This camp is small, offering traditional ‘under canvas’ accommodation with superb food, a relaxing atmosphere, and great Tanzanian hospitality in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Why we Choose Serengeti Wilderness camp

  1. Fall asleep to the sound of the bush in your luxury camp
  2. Witness the spectacular great migration through the majestic Serengeti
  3. Discover the hidden corners of Serengeti on a walking safari
  4. Beautiful scenery and endless photographic opportunities 
  5. Admire the wildlife-rich plains of Serengeti on morning and afternoon game drives.  
  • Mawe Tented Camp.

Located in the eastern region of Serengeti this semi-permanent tented camp provides the best game viewing at the heart of Serengeti throughout the year, facing Ngarenanyuki River. Mawe Camp is an ideal base camp for all game drives through Serengeti.

The camp features only 12 luxury tented rooms including family rooms with excellent views of the savannah and plains of Serengeti.

Why we choose Mawe Tented Camp

  1. Discover the Namiri plains for the great sighting of lions and cheetah
  2. Exclusive accommodation that blends with an ultimate wilderness experience
  3. Enjoy a sunset in Serengeti with a glass of gin and tonic in the company of your experienced guide
  4. Excellent year-round game viewing
  5. Beautiful scenery and endless cheetah photographic opportunities
  • Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp.

Discover a refined retreat within the dazzling natural beauty of Serengeti National Park. Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp with 16 custom-made canvas tents offer spacious style and a host of home-like comforts, ensuring a restful stay. All the accommodation features two queen beds, as well as free Wi-Fi and a private tented bathroom with hot water and flushing WCs. A private terrace outside of each tent allows you to take in the splendid beauty of the surrounding kopjes. 

Why we choose Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp

  1. Experience the excitement of seeing the great migration going through their corridor
  2. Feel the thrill of searching for the big cats on daily game drives
  3. Fall asleep to the sound of the bush on your luxury camp
  4. Experience the incredible wildlife, and landscape of Tanzania
  5. Admire the wildlife-rich plains of Togoro which is the migration corridor to the northern Serengeti.

Western Serengeti National Park.

  • Kirawira Tented Camp

Evoking the elegant safari camps of the early 20th century, Kirawira Serena Camp features 25 splendidly appointed tents raised on timber platforms and arranged in a manner to maximize privacy. Step past the furnished deck to find yourself in a bedroom steeped in Edwardian charm with steamer trunks, writing desks, brass lamps, rugs, sepia photographs, and four-poster beds with patchwork quilts. Exquisite bathrooms feature carved mahogany furniture and classic black-and-white tiled floors along with a separate flushed WC, a shower, twin marble basins, and hot and cold running water. As an added little luxury, enjoy the personal attention of your very own valet to see to any request. 

Why we choose Kirawira Camp.

  1. Experience the breathtaking Grumet River crossing of wildebeest
  2. Search for the 18-20 feet crocodiles of the Grumeti waters
  3. Beautiful scenery and endless photographic opportunities
  4. Exclusive accommodation that blends with an ultimate wilderness experience
  5. Panoramic views of the wildebeest migration from the restaurant
  • Mbalagate Tented lodge.

Mbalageti tented lodge has Uninterrupted views of the Serengeti plains towards the Mbalageti River and is a beautiful safari lodge on the Serengeti plains that offer incredible sights over some of the most majestic areas of Africa. You can head out onto the plains, Grumeti River, and witness magical moments of nature before heading back to comfort and serenity at the lodge.

Why we choose Mbalagate Tented Lodge

  1. Exclusive accommodation that blends with ultimate wilderness, and uninterrupted views of the plains below
  2. The accommodation is set away from the crowd hence giving off-the-bitten-track experience.
  3. Admire the wildlife rich-plains of Mbalagate which is also a migration corridor to the western circuit
  4. Venture into Lake Victoria, and gate insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Sukuma people the biggest tribe in Tanzania 
  5. Enjoy off-the-bitten-track game viewing experience from the more crowded areas of Serengeti.

Northern Serengeti National Park {July-October}

  • Nimali Mara

A hidden oasis in a remote location that ensures guests a peaceful and nurturing place of solitude and endless opportunities to unwind and experience Tanzania’s wildlife up close. This boutique and intimate tented camp offers a sense of sophisticated elegance and is beautifully designed with contemporary, and organic decor. The lounge and dining offer spectacular views of the Serengeti plains and the amazing wildebeest migration. An infinity pool is set within a rocky natural cave overlooking the endless plains, where resident wildlife frequently passes by.

Experience the magic of the bush and marvel at the un-spoilt wilderness that surrounds it. With its seamless combinations of safari opulence, in and outdoor connections with nature, this boutique and intimate tented camp offer an unfiltered sense of time and space.

Why we Choose Nimali Mara

  1. Fall asleep to the sound of the bush in your luxury camp
  2. Follow the footsteps of the great migration through the Mara River.
  3. Incredible game drives in search of Africa big five on daily game drives
  4. Excellent service from charming and hospitable staff
  5. Nimali camp is thirty minutes from the Mara river, and blends in exclave kopjes putting it away from the crowds
  • Mara Tingitana.

Mara Tingitana comprises 10 mobile canvas tents with private verandas which offer the amenities and comfort of a real lodge. King-size bed, en-suite bathroom, hot-running water (on-demand), and wooden floors, relax and enjoy after a long day of game-drive.  

Set on a high elevation overlooking a gorgeous valley which acts as a corridor for wildebeest going down to the Mara River, and offers incredible sights over some of the most majestic areas of Africa. You can head out onto the plains, Mara River, and witness magical moments of nature before heading back to comfort and serenity at the camp.

Why we choose Mara Tingitana

  1. Witness the famous wildebeest migration going through the Mara River
  2. Tingitana tented camp is about 40 minutes from the, idly away from the crowds 
  3. Locally owned and the whole camp is run solar power, and all employees are local
  4. Discover the corners of Serengeti on a walking safari
  5. Search for Africa big five on daily game drives
  • Ole Serai Luxury Camp.

This Luxury Camp is strategically located within the northern (Kogatende) area of the famous Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and is set amidst the most prime areas of the Serengeti following the path of the great migration, sparsely inhabited by large Acacia as well as Tortilis Tree’s and is home to several species of wildlife that reside in this area year-round due to catchments of water bodies around the area. Due to the Campsite’s ideal location, the great spectacle of the world-famous annual migration can be witnessed almost as close as to the camp’s doorsteps – since the site lies along with one of the main migratory corridors/routes, which the wildebeest use during their Great Migration going to and fro the North and South of the Serengeti. 

Why we choose Ole Serai Luxury Camp

  1. Idly located on the migration corridor of the great migration
  2. The camp is 2.5 km from the Mara River making it easily accessible from the camp
  3. Discover the corners of the Serengeti on a walking safari
  4. Discover Africa big five, on a daily game drive on safari 
  5. Beautiful scenery and endless photographic opportunities


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