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The Great Migration in Serengeti

The earth vibrates with the thundering of millions of hooves as heaving herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles fill the plains to chase the rains in the epic annual.

The annual Great Wildebeest Migration season

Flight Path

From December to March the wildebeest Migration congregates in large herds around Lake Ndutu and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

December to March

it’s the rainy season in Tanzania. The Wildebeest migration moves to the central part of Serengeti around the Soronera valley with front runners heading out to the Western Corridor

April to May

Flight Path

By these time most of the wildebeest are spread out and most of the herds are heading north of the Serengeti national park, and towards the Mara River

June to July

– Admire the calving season of the wildebeest on the southern Serengeti and adjacent Ngorongoro conservation area with high density of predators.


Flight Path

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